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Past Corporate Events


CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong
CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong
November 24 2016 Lhasa government delegation visits Jiama Mine to draw experience on poverty relief

November 24, 2016, Lhasa government delegation led by Mr. Guo Guo, Deputy Secretary of the Lhasa Municipal Committee and Mayor of Lhasa visited China Gold’s Jiama mine to draw experience on how to help people lift themselves out of poverty by promoting the development of industries.

September 5, 2016, a delegation led by Mr. Qi Zha La, Deputy Party Secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region and Secretary of the Lhasa Municipal Committee, visited Jiama mine and held a meeting deploying and promoting poverty relief related work. November 23, 2016, Mr. Qi Zha La headed to Jiama mine to check the preparation and on-site arrangement to ensure the on-site visit scheduled on November 24 go smoothly.

The management of Jiama mine expressed greetings to the delegation on behalf of Mr. Song Xin, Chairman of CGG, and extended their appreciation for the great support the local government provided to the Company. After CGG made reports introducing the experience and results Jiama mine achieved in poverty relief, Mr. Guo Guo emphasized that ever since Jiama mine started operations in Jiama Town, it has actively created job opportunities for local residents and practice social responsibility with actual deeds for years. Jiama mine established Jiama Industrial and Trade Company as a platform for local residents, turning them from outsiders into participators and builders. In the future, HTL should continuously work on poverty relief with innovative ideas.

Jiama mine has earnestly fulfilled its social responsibility since it starts operations in Jiama Town. While developing advanced mineral resources, Jiama mine has taken targeted measures to help people lift themselves out of poverty and made great balance between project development, construction and production, social stability, improvement of people’s life, and harmonious relationships between corporate and local. Jiama mine opens doors for local residents to involve in the construction of local projects, and share resources and construction achievement together. As a typical example of “helping people lift themselves out of poverty by promoting the development of industries”, Jiama mine is the pioneer on poverty relief by creating a profit sharing model “company + peasants” supported by Jiama Industrial and Trade Company, while solving the problem of local employment. Jiama mine has created nearly 400 job positions for local herdsmen in the past years, and the Company will contribute another 40 job opportunities for local residents who have economic difficulties when the construction of Phase II is completed and the commissioning starts. Jiama mine will continue to honor its commitment to the well-being of local community and keep rolling out the "targeted poverty relief initiative" to lift more local peasants out of poverty.

October 19 2016 Mr. Shukui Dong from SASAC Board of Supervisors visits CSH mine

October 16-17, 2016 - A delegation led by Mr. Shukui Dong, Chairman of Board of Supervisors of SASAC visited CSH mine. The delegation was accompanied by Mr. Shuhong Zhu, Chief Accountant of China National Gold Group (“CNG”).

On October 16, Mr. Dong visited CSH’s dispatch and command center, 2C section heap leaching, processing plants, water sources, activity center for employees and vegetable greenhouse. During the visit, he spoke with the employees at the mine site, learning about the production line, technological process and employees’ working and living conditions.

On October 17, Mr. Lisheng Zhang, Vice President of CGG and Chairman of IMP made a detailed report to the delegation in regards to the operation, management, development, production and plans at the mine site. During the meeting, Mr. Dong asked about technological process, cost control, cost reduction and performance enhancement, exploration, especially the recovery rates and recovery of carbon powder. Mr. Liangyou Jiang, Senior Executive Vice President of CGG, added information on the measures CSH adopted and the achievements CSH obtained in grade management, production capacity, technological process, operation and management and HSE.

Mr. Dong highly praised the efforts CSH made and employees’ hard work at the cold and remote areas. Based on the report CSH made in the meeting, Mr. Dong made the following comments: 1) CSH mine has a clear strategy for future development and the measures the company is taking are very effective; 2) the management level is being improved continuously, which helps CSH remain profitable when the gold price falls; 3) CSH has been actively practicing social responsibility and made a significant contribution to local economic development; 4) The management level associated to scientific and technical innovation and technological process are very high, and CSH is an advanced gold mining enterprise both in domestic and abroad. Finally, Mr. Dong emphasized that the development strategy of CSH mine is scientific and reasonable, and is completely in line with the requirements of SASAC and CNG.

October 18, 2016 Weather Monitoring Equipment Installation at Jiama Mine

Jiama Mine which is located in high cold and high altitude area has complicated geological condition and freezing and thawing problem in winter. o ensure safety production, the Company established a strategic partnership with Chinese Academy of Sciences Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources ("CASNIER") through friendly negotiation with attention and support from CNG. On October 10 2016, a delegation led by Mr. Junfu Niu, Researcher and Deputy Managing Director of Permafrost Engineering National Key Laboratory at CASNIER visited Jiama Mine, assisted with the installation of weather monitoring equipment and discussed about how to prevent the freezing and thawing disaster and how to control the freezing damage on mine-site facilities.

After site inspection and discussion, the research team, the delegation from CASNIER and the responsible personnel of Jiama set up a work plan for the next step: first is to install and debug the weather monitoring equipment; and second is to install equipment monitoring freezing and thawing and hydro-thermal change.

With well-organized and deployed preparative work, equipment such as weather station, data collection device, temperature and moisture detector are all in position. The construction of ancillary facilities has been completed. As of October 14, 2016, the installation and debugging of the weather station located at west platform of Jiama's administration building has been successfully completed as well. The rest work is in progress as scheduled.

October 10, 2016 A delegation led by Mr. Bing Liu, CEO of CGG, visited CSH mine

A delegation led by Mr. Liu, CEO of CGG visited CSH’s dispatch and command center, watched mining, crushing and ore transportation through the production real-time monitoring system and discussed details with working staff. The delegation then did an on-site visit examining recent production situation of the 2C section leaching pad. The visit was accompanied by related personnel from administrative office and strategy investment department of CNG and production management department of CGG.

Mr. Lisheng Zhang, VP of CGG and Chairman of IMP gave detailed report on CSH’s production, HSE, recent construction, geology exploration, cost reduction and performance enhancement, and scientific and technical innovation on the following meeting.

Mr. Liu recognized the efforts and achievements that CSH did in production, HSE, cost reduction and performance enhancement, “five rates” optimization and scientific and technical innovation. Several recommendations were given by Mr. Liu for further strengthening the performance of the mine.

September 28 , 2016 China Gold attended the reception held by Chinese Consulate General in Vancouver

September 28, 2016, Mr. Jerry Xie, Executive Vice President and Corporate Secretary of China Gold International was invited to attend the reception hosted by Consul General of the People's Republic of China in Vancouver during the 113th Union of British Columbia Municipalities (UBCM) Convention. Nearly 2,000 community leaders from across British Columbia gathered in Victoria for the UBCM Convention. This year's convention, which was themed "Stronger Together", kicked off with opening day panels on climate action, forest policy decision-making and other civic issues. British Columbia is leading mineral producing province, and China Gold intends to seek more potential business opportunities by actively participating in the local community events.


September 27, 2016 - Mr. Qiangba Puncog, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress visited Jiama mine

September 27, a safety inspection team under the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee led by Mr. Qiangba Puncog, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the People's Congress visited Jiama mine to inspect mine site operations. The team was accompanied by Mr. Padma Choling, Deputy Party Secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region, Mr. Che Dalha, Party Secretary of Lhasa Municipal Committee, Mr. Dawa, Deputy Secretary of Lhasa municipal committee and Shanfeng Wei, vice-general manager of China National Gold ("CNG"), Mr. Guan Shiliang, Vice President of China Gold International Resources Co., Ltd.(CGG) and Mr. Ping Wang, General Manager of Huatailong. The inspection team examined the grinding and flotation workshop, central control room and other operations.

Mr. Shanfeng Wei, on behalf of Mr. Song Xin, General Manager and Party Secretary of CNG, Chairman and Executive Director of CGG provided detailed answers to numerous questions from the inspection team, including how to improve the safety management level, how to improve the prevention and the control of occupational diseases, what kind safety supervision measures will be implemented by the underground construction team. Mr. Guan Shiliang, Vice President of CGG gave a detailed report on Jiama's production and safety management from ten aspects.

Mr. Qiangba Puncog acknowledged the continuous commitment and efforts that China Gold has made to fulfil its corporate social responsibilities. He knew the company had overcome many difficulties to establish a harmonious community and promote ethnic unity. The company's achievement was recognized and awarded by the central government. Although the mining industry is currently in a worst downturn, but he can feel the positive spirit within the company and he can see the contributions and achievement the company has made. For the next step, Mr. Qiangba Puncog pointed out three specific requirements: First, government should focus on the economic growth and the development of the enterprises by giving a high degree of attention and strong support from all sides. Second, government should help and create favorable condition to the enterprises to analyze and solve the problems that were found through the inspections. Third, the enterprises should actively implement the "Safety Production Law" in the actual work and take into account both the business development and the safety management.


August 16, 2016

Meeting the Delegation

Xin Song, Chairman of CGG and Bing Liu, CEO of CGG meet the delegation headed by Victor Oh, Senate of Canada and Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association in Beijing on August 16, 2016.

August 7 2016 CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong
CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong CGG independent directors visit Tibet Huatailong

A group of four independent directors of CGG led by Ian He, Chairman of HSE Committee, visited Tibet Huatailong on August 7, 2016.

The group was accompanied by Liangyou Jiang, Senior Executive Vice President of CGG, Shiliang Guan, Chairman of Tibet Huatailong and Ping Wang, General Manager of Tibet Huatailong. The group visited Jiaoyan open-pit and the dumping site of the south pit and gave their valuable comments and suggestions.

Following the site visit, a special meeting was arranged where Ping Wang provided a detailed report on the HSE work Huatailong conducted recently. Personnel participating in this meeting had a thorough communication in resources, mining and processing work.

Ian He indicated that through the on site visit and Huatailong’s HSE report, significant improvements have been made in HSE work over the past year, and he indicated that the improvements have increased efficiency and effectiveness. Mr. He hopes Huatailong can continue to do well in HSE work to ensure the better development of Huatailong.

Liangyou Jiang pointed out that HSE requires endless effort. Mr. Jiang hopes Huatailong can continue to increase the assessment efforts and push forward mechanization and automatization to achieve the target of increasing efficiency through downsizing staff and securing production safety.

Shiliang Guan, on behalf of Huatailong, welcomed the independent directors and appreciated that the independent directors brought their rich experience in HSE and production. Mr. Guan further appreciated the independent directors care and encouragement for the high-altitude workers. Mr. Guan said that the comments and recommendation the independent directors made regarding the HSE work gives Huatailong a clearer picture on HSE work for the future andHuatailong will implement the suggested measures accordingly. Mr. Guan hopes that the independent directors will work more closely with Hutailong to educate Hutailing on foreign advanced management concepts providing guidance to Hutailong’s future work. Finally, Mr. Guan promised that the Hutailong team will exact the utmost effort to complete the construction of Phase II as soon as possible and maximize the value for our shareholders.


Co Chairs Cheque. Vip's. The Banquet Hall 730.
July 30, 2016 China Gold International, as initiator and co-host of CAChinese Night, helped raise $160,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society.

“CAChinese Night”-a Charity Gala Evening initiated by China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd (“China Gold”), produced by Phoenix TV and co-hosted by eight organizations was successfully held on July 30th, 2016.

The event gathered many important guests from Canadian and Chinese political communities, business, and media , including The Honourable Harjit Singh Sajjan, Minister of National Defence and his wife Dr. Kuljit Kaur Sajjan,The Honourable Judith Guichon, Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia, The Honourable Suzanne Anton, Minister of Justice and Member of the Legislative Assembly for Vancouver-Fraserview, Her Excellency Liu Fei, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, Vancouver, Mr. Shanjun Yu, Commercial Counsellor, Consulate General of China in Vancouver, Mr. Geng Tan, Member of Parliament for Don Valley North, Ms. Jenny Kwan, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East and other representatives from the Canadian federal , provincial and municipal government. In the guests’ speeches, many lauded China Gold for its active role in initiating and organizing this charity event. Ms. Liu Fei, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China, Vancouver expressed her heartfelt thanks to China Gold for being actively involved community activities and supporting charitable organizations like the Canadian Cancer Society through continuous donations. The various representatives from the Canadian federal, provincial and municipal government also stated in their remarks that they appreciated all contributions that China Gold made to the communities and all the efforts that China Gold had put on fulfilling its social responsibilities.

With the support of Mr. Xin Song, Chairman and Executive Director of China Gold and Mr. Bing Liu, CEO and Executive Director of China Gold, China Gold has worked with the Canadian Cancer Society and made continuous donations to Canadian Cancer Society’s charity event since 2012. Mr. Song said, “ Although global mining companies are facing various challenges, our Company continues to take measures to cut costs and improve efficiency, doing so will not affect the Company’s commitment to its social responsibility or its support to public welfare work.”  In the Company’s 2016 Annual Performance Announcement event, Mr. Bing Liu stated that China Gold will continue to provide strong support to social charities.

This event was intended to raise funds for Canadian Cancer Society and to generate the public awareness of joint efforts in cancer prevention by both China and Canada. The event organizers hoped that Canadian Cancer Society would serve as a platform on which Sino-Canadian cooperation in cancer prevention could be based to contribute to the global endeavor of cancer prevention. On behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society, Mr. Greg Douglas, the Canadian Cancer Society's fundraising director for B.C. expressed his gratitude to the event organizers, producers, event planner and all the local Chinese community for their enthusiasm and support. In his speech, he made specific mention of China Gold and expressed his appreciation to China Gold for making the donations to Canadian Cancer Society every year since 2012, setting an excellent example for actively being involved in public charities and actively promoting the cooperation between Canadian Cancer Society, Chinese media and business corporations.

China Gold collaborated with several organizations and helped the event raised $160,000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. China Gold was highly praised and supported by Canadian and Chinese business and political communities and in return China Gold has shown to all circles its “Gold Spirit” and the spirit of a Canada-based SOE by advocating Corporate Social Responsibilities and involving in social charities.

Mr. Jerry Xie, Executive Vice President & Corporate Secretary, China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd. delivered a welcome speech


July 28, 2016 IMP received multiple honours at the 2016 China Gold Congress and Expo
Co Chairs Cheque. Co Chairs Cheque.

July 28, 2016, IMP received multiple honours at the “Night of Gold” 2016 China Gold Congress and Expo award ceremony.  IMP was awarded "Top Ten Producing Mines" (ranked #4), "Top Ten Profitable Mines" (ranked #10) and the 2016 China Gold Congress and Expo annual " Best Resource Development Award".

This is the third consecutive year that IMP received the awards for “Top Ten Producing Mines” and “Top Ten Profitable Mines”.  IMP became one of five recipients of “The Best Resource Development Award” through its comprehensive development and utilization of low-grade resources.

It was reported that since 2008, through scientific decisions and under the finest leadership of CNG and CGG, IMP has overcome difficulties and worked hard within the spirit of China Gold.  The gold production increased from 1.77 tons in 2008 to 6.8 tons in 2015; revenue increased from RMB352 million in 2008 to RMB1.51 billion in 2015 years; profits increased from net losses at the early stage of acquisition to RMB217 million in 2015; total taxes paid increased from RMB30 million in 2008 to RMB226 million in 2015; resources increased from 55.96 tons in 2008 to 126.6 tons; total assets increased from RMB656 million in 2008 to RMB3.802 billion. Major indices increased preserving and increasing the value of the state assets.


April 1, 2016 CSH Mine is awarded “CSR Model Enterprise” in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region again

Recently, the CSH Mine was awarded the honorable title of “CSR Model Enterprise” in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The award was given by the local Propaganda Department, Federation of Trade Unions, Federation of Industry and Commerce and SASAC. The CSH Mine first won this honor in 2011.

Since China National Gold entered Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2008, the CSH Mine has always pursued the concept of “bringing benefits to local community wherever we operate”. The CSH Mine actively works with local government to pursue mutual development and participate in public welfare activities, such as local economic construction, drought resistance and disaster relief, poverty alleviation, financial aids to students, medical supplies donation, and solving drinking water problem for local herdsmen. The CSH Mine arranged employment for 235 local peasants and herdsmen, which accounts for 39.8% of the Mine’s total 590 employees.

In addition, the CSH Mine is actively involved in local folk activities, such as Obo Festival, visiting underprivileged peasants and herdsmen in Spring Festival, visiting local resident officers and soldiers on Army Day to create a “harmonious community”. The Mine also proactively practices corporate social responsibility, donated more than 9.6 million RMB and paid taxes of 1.35 billion RMB , stimulating local economy while growing steadily and contributing to local economic development.


March 29, 2016 Jiama Mine is awarded the honorable title of “Model Family for Employees”
The Jiama Mine was awarded the honorable title of Model Family for Employees

On March 29, The Jiama Mine was awarded the honorable title of “Model Family for Employees” by All-China Federation of Trade Union. This is the 9th nation-wide honor the Jiama Mine was awarded.


The Jiama Mine adheres to the “people-oriented” development strategy. Taking the mass organization and trade unions as link, the Mine constantly inspires the vitality, motivation and creativity of its employees.

With strong support from local government and under the leadership of China National Gold, the Jiama Mine will push forward the construction of Jiama with all its strength, train and develop talents while, making greater contributions to Tibet economic and social development and long-term stability.


March 24, 2016 Song Xin meets with the delegation led by Ding Yexian, Executive Vice Chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region

On March 21, Mr. Song Xin, General Manager and Party Secretary of CNG, Chairman and Executive Director of CGG, met with the delegation led by Mr. Ding Yexian, executive vice chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Ding Yexian acknowledged the continuous commitment and efforts that China Gold has made to the growth of local economy and the well-being of local people. He reaffirmed the government's good will to encourage mining industry as an effective way to develop local economy. He reassured the company with better service and governance in the future and urged the company to continue honoring its commitment to boosting local economy, protecting environment, and improving the livelihood of local people of all ethnicities.

Song Xin appreciated the concern and help that has long been given to Tibet Huatailong by local government of Tibet Autonomous Region. He stated that CNG will remain committed to high quality investment in Tibet during the “Thirteenth Five-year" period. By paying close attention to quality and efficiency, achieving organic growth and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise. CNG will be dedicated to create a harmonious, green and technological pioneer mine and continue to make greater contributions to local economic development.

Senior officials attended the meeting include: Mr. Xu Zhuwu, Deputy Secretary-General of Tibet Autonomous Region (“TAR”), Mr. Yu Heping, Director of TAR SASAC, Mr. Ren Jingdong, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission in TAR, Mr. Jiang Guojie, Deputy Director of the Finance Department in TAR and Mr. Wu Yuelei, Deputy Director of Environment Protection Department in TAR and Mr. Liu Bing, Deputy General Manager and Chief Accountant of CNG, CEO and Executive Director of CGG, Mr. Jiang Liangyou, Chief Engineer of CNG, Senior Executive Vice President and Executive Director of CGG, and related personnel from CNG’s Strategic Investment Department, HSE Department and CGG as well.

March 6-9, 2016 PDAC
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
PDAC 2016 invite