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May 11, 2015 Mr. Lisheng Zhang, Vice President of China Gold International Resources, receives prestigious government recognition.
Lisheng Zang

China Gold International Resources (the "Company") is pleased to announce that Mr. Lisheng Zhang, the Company's Vice President and the Chairman of Inner Mongolia Pacific Mining Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of the Company, which owns and operates the Company's CSH Gold Mine, was awarded the "Exemplary Executive, 2015" title from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Government.


Mr. Zhang joined the Company on September 12, 2008. Under the leadership of Mr. Lisheng Zhang, his team rapidly expanded the CSH Mine into a technologically advanced and profitable 60,000 tpd. operation, thus helping to grow China Gold International into a world-class mining company.

The Company and the awards committee praised Mr. Zhang as a dedicated, conscientious, humble, pragmatic and self-disciplined leader, who constantly enhances team building and empowers employees for continuous growth.

In 2014, Mr. Zhang was also awarded the "May 1st Labor Medal" granted by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Government.


April 28, 2015 Not only we are building mines, we are building communities.

In addition to succeeding in growth, cost savings and profitability, our company also enhances the quality of life of those communities where we have presence.

For many years in a row, in conjunction with the local communities, the Company has been planting native trees around the Jiama and CSH Mines.  This year we made this initiative even more special by asking every employee of the company to personally purchase or, as we say, “adopt” a tree for Jiama. We could not expect a better response! Generous donations poured in from our employees worldwide towards this cause. Those employees who were on site at that time volunteered to plant the trees.

We are sharing a few pictures of tree planting at our green Jiama Mine.

Since we entered Tibet in 2010, we have prioritized hiring and training of local employees. At the moment about 35% of our workers in Tibet are locals. We established a successful joint venture between our Jiama mine and the Jiama village. About 655 local Tibetan households in the Jiama village enthusiastically chose to be the shareholders in this joint venture and work in various positions (including a vice-president level position) at our beautiful green Jiama Mine. This raised their level of income by about 12 times and also empowered their professional growth through participation in training programs that our Company runs.

Those efforts are just one example of what we call a “triple-win” situation for our community, shareholders and the Company.



March 26 - April 1, 2015 2014 Annual Results Management Roadshow, Hong Kong and Singapore
On March 26, 2015, in Hong Kong, Management of China Gold International Resources held an event to announce the 2014 Annual Results of The Company. The event was followed by numerous one-on-one meetings with analysts, investors and other financial and industry professionals in Hong Kong and Singapore.
2014 Annual Results Management Roadshow, Hong Kong and Singapore

March 1-4, 2015 2015 PDAC
  Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada