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China Gold’s International Strategy Shines Over PDAC 2019 China Gold’s International Strategy Shines Over PDAC 2019
March 4 China Gold’s International Strategy Shines Over PDAC 2019

China Gold Starlight Toronto 2019, hosted by China Gold International, is the most attention-grabbing event that features China on behalf of the Chinese mining industry during PDAC 2019. The event attracted numerous participants from mining industries of the world and representatives from political, business as well as financial circles of China and Canada.

Dr. Xin Song, the Chairman of the company, delivered his videoed keynote speech. In his English speech, Dr. Song emphasized that “the Chinese gold industry is actively engaged in an international development strategy that consists of global outreach as well as internal integration for win-win cooperation and joint efforts in going global. We will intensify our efforts to further open up, with a more outward-looking vision and active approach to integrate into the global gold industry.”

Mr. Zuoman Wang, VP of China Gold Group, who is also in charge of China Gold’s international operations. He said “We will actively seek international growth opportunities, including gold and non-ferrous assets, through China Gold International's listing platform. The deal structure is flexible as well, including equity participation, holding or JV.”

Canadian Senator Victor Oh, Mr. Defeng E, the Commercial Secretary from the Consulate General of PRC to Toronto, Mr. Nyameko Goso, the Consul General of South Africa to Toronto, Mr. John Ing, a legend in the global gold circle and formal Chairman of Toronto Exchange Commission, Mr. Stockwell Day, another legendary Canadian political figure, Mr. Keith Spence, the Chairman for International Affairs of PDAC were all present to congratulate China Gold for its active role in Canada and in global development as a whole.  They highly appreciated and recognized China Gold International's emphasis on social responsibility practices and environmental protection.

March3-March 6 PDAC 2019
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Canada
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February 24- February 27 28th Global Metals & Mining Conference
Hollywood, FL
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