5.13 (+0.27)
29.55 (+1.85)

CSH Gold Mine

Awards and Acknowledgements

2017 2011-2015 Excellent Collective for Law Popularity and Governance by Law Urad Zhongqi Committee of the Communist Party, The Urad Government
2017 High-tech Enterprise Department of Science and Technology, Department of Finance, National Taxation Bureau and Local Taxation Bureau of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
2017 Two Integration Management System Assessment Certificate Beijing Grand Honour Certification Co., Ltd.
2016 Best Development Award of 2016 China Gold Congress Committee of China Gold Congress
2016 2015 Top 10 Mines of Gold Producntion China Gold Association
2016 2016 Employee Innovation Workshop of Urad Middle Banner Trade Union of Urad Middle Banner County
2016 Model Unit of Safety Production Safety Production Committee of Bayannaoer City
2016 Best Service Award China National Gold Group Co., Ltd
2016 Water-saving Enterprise Leading Group of Water-saving of Urad Middle Banner
2016 Enterprise with Best Social Responsibility in the Second Session in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Autonomous Region Committee Propaganda Department, the Federation of Trade Unions, Chamber of Industry and Commerce, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission
2015 2015 Advanced Collective of National Unity and Progress in Wulate Middle Banner Wulate Middle Banner committee, the Government
2015 The 14th National Professional Workers Ethics Advanced Unit Guidance and Coordination Team of National Staff's Professional Ethics Construction Guidance (composed of the National Federation of Trade Unions, the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, the Central Civilization Office, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), SASAC)
2015 2014 Top Ten Mines of China Gold Economic Performance China Gold Association
2015 2014 Top Ten Mines of China Gold Production China Gold Association
2015 Youth League Branch of May 4 Red Flag Youth League of Bayannaoer City Committee
2014 2014 Model Group for National Unity and Improvement in Maizhokunggar County CPC Tibet Autonomous Region Committee, Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Government
2014 2013-2014 Excellent Organization Unit of “Creating Excellence Strong Foundation and Benefiting People's Livelihood” Activity Shigatse Prefectural Party committee, Administrative Office
2014 Advanced Village (Residence) Working Team Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee, Government